Tropical nu jazz revelation, Brazilian Pablo Zuazo releases "Macaco Nu Jazz"

Part of the refreshing and fruitful new Brazilian musical scene, pianist and composer Pablo Zuazo is inspired by the different music textures of bossa nova, jazz, samba, hip hop and electronic music. The final result is a tropical nu jazz with roots in the North and Northeast from Brazil as contemporary as the innovative nights of Sao Paulo, a city the artist has chosen to live for almost 20 years.    


In 2018, Pablo released his first instrumental tracks, "Macaco Nu Jazz" and "The Wolfman", which already featured electronic music playlists overseas.

From the traditional Amazon serestas to São Paulo

Pablo learned to play piano following great pianists such as Dick Farney, Nat King Cole and Tom Jobim. The pop references came from afternoons watching hip hop clips from Beastie Boys and A Tribe Callled Quest on MTV.


The beats combined with techniques and metrics of classical music evolved into a passionate study and the exploration of the piano as a creative base. "Monkey Nu Jazz" is a tribute track to the relationship with the father and grandfather, who lived in an indigenous tribe and with whom he learned to listen to nature and traditional Andean and Latin songs.


"I composed this song after re-reading Desmond Morris's ‘The Naked Ape’. I love this book and the discussion about the evolution, man and apes. All this atmosphere mixed by urban caos and our animal side inspired me to create something that express this concrete jungle vibes with all the nu jazz modernity”, explains Zuazo. 


Commissioned by Japanese producer Tokyo Marry, from Hiroshima, "The Wolfman" came first as a beat but it was amplified by the artist's need to explore different creative platforms as a multi-instrumentalist and show that there are no boundaries for music. "My poetry is urban, it's everyday philosophy, it's global, it's about all the feelings that unite us," he says.


He is currently working in projects as a guest pianist. In 2017, he shared the stage with artists such as Gustavo da Lua (Zumbi Nation), Marcio Oliveira (afrobeat trumpet player) and Otto.